Leclerc Baby

Leclerc Baby was developed from the ambition to be free and to increase freedom of movement for parents. Leclerc Baby stands for smart solutions. Problems exist to be solved and our brand was created with this in mind. As a parent, you automatically deal with less freedom of movement, a limitation that does not need to exist, according to the pioneers behind Leclerc Baby. “We put our innovative minds together and our vision soon became clear…”

Making Parenting Easier

There are no written rules for parenthood. Parenting brings with it an enormous change, a world filled with love and new challenges. We at Leclerc Baby want parents to feel the freedom to travel and ease parenthood. Our vision is clear: support parents in easing their daily role during this new phase of life. Our enthusiastic professionals, with a passion for simplicity, devote a great deal of attention to devising and developing high-quality goods before a Leclerc Baby product hits the market. They always ensure safety is paramount and they are focused on our core values: convenience and comfort. We’ve set ourselves apart from the pack with our luxury strollers.   Every parent has felt the need for an extra set of hands when it comes to folding and unfolding a stroller, we have equipped our strollers with 100% convenience.  You fold and unfold our stroller with the simple slide and push of a button, freeing your other arm to stay focused on your child.