University of Auckland SMILEY Study

Is your baby getting ready to start solids? Researchers at the University of Auckland are looking for parents/caregivers of babies who plan to introduce solids at around 6 months of age to participate in an exciting study! We’re exploring how the introduction of solids influences babies gut bacteria and how this impacts babies health, digestive […]

Mama’s Tribe

An exciting new brand of organic herbal teas catering to the needs of moms & moms-to-be. Our specially formulated blends, crafted by a certified Herbalist & Naturopath, are perfect for personal use & gifting. Made in New Zealand from organic herbs, our caffeine-free teas are the result of a new mother’s experience through pregnancy & […]

Colic Calm NZ

Colic Calm NZ delivers premium natural digestive supplements for babies and children. Our innovative products prioritise simplicity and provide gentle but fast-acting formulations for your loved ones. Popular worldwide, our brands include: Colic Calm – Homeopathic Gripe-water alternative Colic Calm Plus – extra Gas Support Tummy Calm – Wind, Bloating & Hiccups CalmCo Infant Probiotic […]

Bub & Bear

Bub & Bear specialise in 100% organic cotton essentials for your bub. Tested by our own bubs to ensure they are useful, soft and of high quality, we provide only the best muslin products.


Zazi is a New Zealand based Speech and Language Therapist. She’s a passionate about creating products that promote childrens’ physical development, supporting their eating, drinking, speech and play.

Nelly Boo

Your trusted baby specialists, proudly NZ owned, bringing you the best products from the best brands including our best-selling Bundles.

Whaea Aroha

Whaea Aroha was brought to life to be the platform that adheres to the needs of mother and baby. We pride ourselves on stocking products that we can personally recommend either ourselves, or though another mum bringing the brand to our attention. These brands may not be well known, but we all know that sometimes […]

Hungry Apple

Hungry Apple Products Hungry Apple offers quality products for kids and parents. Our leakproof bento lunch boxes make food look fun, reduce the need to individually wrap food, and makes it easy to pack a variety of healthy food. We also offer a range of lunch accessories and kitchenwares to make your lunches appealing and […]


Mealtimes can be a messy adventure for toddlers as they use their hands to discover food, it’s important to have a plate or bowl that grips the highchair so that the entire contents doesn’t end up on the floor. ASH & CO’s silicone suction bowls and plates suction to the highchair and offer all your […]

Petite Eats

Petite Eats specialises in beautiful and above all else practical feeding essentials, toys and more. Inspired by our two children, we have designed our collections with little hands and parents in mind to help make life that little bit easier.

Mila and Mikki

We pride ourselves on being retailers of only the most essential, eco-friendly, and 100% organic products that you and your family will make the most of every day. Everything from organic baby clothes to maternity clothes, we give you the choice to select from certified organic, sustainable, chemical-free and ethically made products. We take care […]

Mammas Milk Bar

Boost your Breastmilk Supply Fast with our Lactation Blends Safe Clean Premium Protein Powders for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mums 100% Natural, Made in New Zealand, from one mamma to another to support and nourish you in a healthy and supporting way Midwife and Lactation Consultant Endorsed Versatile in Milkshakes, Smoothies, Baking, Hot Drinks and more